Airport IQ is a mobile information sharing system connecting back-end A-CDM systems with mobile devices carried by ground staff.

The system provides the right information:

making it easier for planners to make optimal use of resources. The mobile technology offers a revolutionary suite of applications, designed for mobile personnel working in the air transport industry.

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Why Airport IQ?

The time taken by an aircraft from the moment it lands to the moment it is in the air again has a critical impact on the efficiency and profitability of both airports and airlines. By optimizing the turnaround time, the airport can increase it's capacity, and the airline can maximize the utility of their aircraft fleet. Turnaround costs can also be a major factor in the profitability of airlines and airports. Obvious ways to improve aircraft turnaround include investing in new equipment, using lower cost service providers and simplifying services such as catering and cleaning. However most of these are already optimized as much as possible.

How will Airport IQ will safely improve aircraft turnaround?

Airport IQ aims to improve the quality of the information that is used in turnaround. The departure time of an aircraft is predicted and set based upon a wide range of live and static data being provided - from groups such as catering fueling teams, passenger handlers, maintenance crews, aircraft crew and baggage handlers. The time estimates provided have many in-built time buffers, which when added together can have a significant impact on the accuracy of the departure time. By improving the quality of the information, the buffers will be reduced with a corresponding improvement in the eventual turnaround time.

Airport IQ will deploy mobile technology to improve the quality of the data provided.

“Airport IQ will develop a mobile information sharing system connecting back-end A-CDM systems with mobile devices (smartphones, tablets and other wearable devices) carried by ground staff. The system will provide the right information at the right place and time to the right people, making it easier for planners to make optimal use of resources.”


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SME Instrument

The Airport IQ solution is partly funded by the European Union using the SME instrument of the Horizon 2020 framework. Unlike the earlier FP6/FP7 frameworks, which focused on research - Horizon 2020 has a focus on innovation & commercial applicability.

The Airport IQ project is an Innovation project addressing the Transport Specific Programme (H2020 Specific Programme: Part III – 4. Smart, green and integrated transport)

We are looking for interested parties who wish to get involved!

If you are an airport or an airline wishing to try out the technology, we can share more information and may be able to provide you with a demonstration or a trial system during the project.

Organisations, such as handling agents, system providers and other interested organisations are also encouraged to get in touch.

Contact us at info@airportiq.eu